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CEITT (Research Center on Time and Temporality) is an interdisciplinary center for research and experimentation dedicated to studying the phenomenon TIME. Investigate the TIME implies to investigate at once the TEMPORALITY from which we interpret the becoming phenomenon, therefore CEITT structures itself from its root based on both concepts.


Our development and growth seeks to understand and access what continuously go through us: the dynamic of becoming. The purpose to establish a research system like CEITT emerges as the teamwork we have been doing since 2004 from physics and social sciences.

The “time problem” have deep roots in the beggining of scientific knowledge and  has been in the core of every scientific revolution that has made changes in science and technology paradigms.

Aware of the energy, ecological, demographic and economic challenges that societies have nowadays, we understand that time should be one of the topics that science must face to obtain new results and solutions truly transforming.


  • Encourage the development of the study of time and impulse it as a multidisciplinary research field.
  • Propose the “Time and Temporality” paradigm as a new perspective of research and application.
  • Generate concepts, theories and models that function as epistemological tools for use in various scientific fields.
  • Connect and order the diversity of knowledge and perspectives about Time, that is found in different sciences, arts and humanities.
  • Disseminate the results that contribute to cultural and educational development of society.
  • Establish relationships with national and international institutions that allow exchange of content and researchers.
  • Contribute to the creation of artistic-scientific projects that stimulate the development of new concepts and their potential application in areas of artistic expression.